People who have flat feet or fallen arches need shoes that provide enough control to support the foot. This is because when the arch of the foot has flattened, foot problems can result. These include heel pain, tired feet, bunions, knee pain, back pain and arthritis. In fact, several studies suggest there is a close relationship between flat feet and arthritis of the foot and ankle.

In addition to orthotics for fallen arches to keep the feet functioning correctly, we have reviewed the best shoes for fallen arches. Our winner, the Orthofeet Shoes for Women and Orthofeet Shoes for Men. Orthofeet has a wide variety of shoe choices: from dress shoes to athletic shoes and casual wear. These shoes are especially designed to provide relief from foot pain and provide adequate support for fallen and flattened arches.

The Orthofeet shoes are unique in that are very comfortable, stylish, and have an adjustable customized fit. They are made for sensitive feet and designed by biomechanical engineers. These shoes include the following features:

  • Extra depth for a roomier fit with a wider toebox
  • Soft leather padding with polyurethane foam
  • Seamless breathable lining to control odor and enhance walking comfort
  • Ergonomic cushioning sole and an orthotic-friendly design

To see the Orthofeet Shoes that work well for fallen arches, visit the Orthofeet Shoe overview page. For additional products for flat feet and reducing foot pain, visit our page on home treatment hints for flat feet.

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