Comfortable Dress Shoes for Women Possible with Dress Shoe Orthotics

A good orthotic can make high heels, pumps and other dress shoes far more comfortable. The best high heel arch supports act to transfer pressure off of the ball of the foot and the heel and distribute that pressure onto the arch of the foot. This will prevent heel pain, ball of foot pain and fatigue when wearing dress shoes.

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On this page we will review and recommend the best orthotics including:

In general the custom orthotics, if made correctly, work better because they conform much closer to the foot and do a better job of transferring pressure off the ball of the foot and the heel along with supporting the arch better. The downside is that sometimes they are not  covered by insurance and they are more expensive. It is logical to try prefabricated orthotics first and if they do not provide enough pain relief then contact us about custom orthotics.

If you are in the Seattle area and would like to get specific recommendations on orthotics for your feet and favorite shoes, make an appointment to see us.  Be sure to bring a selection of your favorite fashionable shoes to your appointment.

Custom Orthotics for High Heel, Pumps and Flats

Custom orthotics are the most effective way to make high heels and other dress shoes more comfortable.

Custom dress orthotics should conform extremely close to the arch of your foot in order to most effectively transfer pressure off of the ball of your foot and your heel. If we have already made custom orthotics for you we can make custom dress orthotics off of the same mold. If we haven’t made orthotics for you then we will perform a biomechanical examination and then take casts of your feet in order to make the dress orthotics.

If you would like custom orthotics for you dress shoes, make an appointment today to see us in our Seattle clinic.

Smaller Custom Orthotics to Fit Into Flats, Heels and Fashion Boots

Custom dress shoe orthotics are custom orthotic devices that are small enough to fit into a dress shoe. These orthotics are very thin and narrow. They have a shallow heel cup to fit into smaller shoes and a very thin cover so that they leave plenty of room for your feet. They are made of thin, lightweight and attractive materials.

custom orthotic for high heels finally makes it possible to have comfortable shoes for women

Custom dress orthotic for high heels and flats

Dress orthotics can be fit into most types of women’s dress shoes – as long as they do not have an open back. They can fit into heel heights ranging up to 3, 4 or even 5 inches.

We can Use the Same Mold as Your Full Size Orthotics

If we have already made orthotics for you, your orthotic mold is stored on computer at the orthotic laboratory, so to order a pair of orthotics for your dress shoes just call our office or use the online Orthotic Order Form. In most cases you can just order your new orthotics. If an evaluation by the doctor is required, however, we will let you know.

There are several types of dress orthotics that can be prescribed, depending on the types of dress shoes you most often wear. We’ll work with you to find the best type for your lifestyle.

Will Insurance Cover Custom Dress Shoe Orthotics?

Many insurance carriers cover more than one pair of orthotics. Women in particularly often require two orthotics for best clinical outcomes. One pair for athletic shoes and one for dress shoes.  Contact your insurance to determine your specific coverage.

A list of questions to ask your insurance regarding orthotic coverage can be found in the Orthotic Financial Information package on our forms page.

Prefabricated Orthotics for Women’s Dress Shoes

The products below are ones we recommend to our patients and they are also affiliate links so we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you decide to make a purchase through our links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

We have evaluated many arch supports for high heels and pumps and have two that we recommend regularly. Of all of the OTC orthotics these do the best at supporting the arch and transferring pressure off of the ball of the foot and the heel while still fitting into a fashionable shoe. We have one orthotic we recommend for shoes with a closed back and one we recommend for shoes with an open back (slingbacks).

Best Insert for Flats

flatsWomen’s FootChair Slim Orthotics with adjustable arch height are the best OTC arch support orthotic we have found for dress flats. They are  also great for boots

with low heels. By transferring force off of the ball of the foot and the heel, they reduce pain from problems like plantar fasciitis and neuromas. They can also reduce back and leg pain by improving body alignment and balance.  These unique orthotics have an adjustable arch that can be raised to ensure the most effective and comfortable arch height.

Best Insert for High Heels and Boots with a Closed Heel 
Women Dress High Heels

The FootChair Slim Orthotics are also our recommeded OTC orthotic for high heels. They are flexible in the heel so they adapt to many different arch heights. They are designed to fit in high heels and are the best OTC arch support orthotic we have found for pumps and high heels that have a closed heel. They are  also great for boots with heels.

They work better than any prefabricated orthotic we have seen at not only fitting into high heels but at supporting the foot and getting pressure off of the ball of the foot and the heel.  They work better than anything except custom orthotics at making high heels more comfortable.

Best Insert for Slingback or Backless High Heels: 

It is essentially impossible to get an orthotic to stay in place in backless dress shoes.  We have had success with our patients, however, by using a stick-on arch support in these these shoes.

The best arch pad we have found is the Pedag Self Adhesive Arch Supports.

Just peel and stick these arch supports in the shoe and you will find that you have support to decrease tension on the plantar fascia and decrease pressure on the heel and the ball of the foot. are designed to fit into backless dress shoes.slignback

The Pedag Self-Adhesive Arch Support transfers pressure off of the ball of the foot and the heel, supports the arch and reduces pain and fatigue. They can also reduce back and leg pain by improving body alignment and balance.They will help anyone who experiences ball of foot painbig toe joint painbunions or heel pain when wearing backless shoes.

Don’t live with foot pain when you wear dress shoes. Try these prefabricated orthotics for a few weeks. If you are still having pain then make an appointment today to see us. Be sure to bring a bag full of your favorite dress shoes.

Cushioned Pads to Increase High Heel Comfort

You can also use pads that act to provide cushion under the ball of the foot. These are not as effective as orthotics for making high heels more high heel comfort metatarsals padcomfortable, but they are inexpensive and can be a good way to start. The best ones are made of silicone materials. Our favorite is Gel Metatarsal Pad.





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