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Why Us?

Dr. Hale and Dr. Huppin have more than 20 years experience and thousands of satisfied patients between them. Our expertise is unrivaled and we get the best results with the least invasive techniques possible.

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We treat plantar fasciitis, heel pain, ingrown nails, athlete’s foot, bunions and fungal nails non-surgically. We also offer surgical intervention for bunions, neuromas and hammertoe when surgery is needed.

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Our orthotics are fully customized to your foot through our expertise in biomechanics. Advanced orthotics from the Foot and Ankle Center treat foot problems that usually result in surgery.

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Heel Pain Center

We offer a specialty clinic, the Seattle Heel Pain Center, that focuses solely on plantar fasciitis and other causes of heel pain. We have successfully treated and cured extreme and chronic heel pain in many patients.

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Meet your Doctors

At the Foot and Ankle Center of Washington, you are in highly capable hands. Drs. Douglas S. Hale and Lawrence Z. Huppin are skilled foot and ankle physicians with advanced training, respected credentials and meaningful experience. Dr. Hale completed one of the most respected residencies in the country, serves as chief-of-staff of podiatry and extern director at renowned...


Douglas S. Hale, DPM

Douglas S. Hale, DPM, graduated with honors from both Tulane University School of...

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Lawrence Z. Huppin, DPM

Lawrence Z. Huppin, DPM graduated from Oregon State University and earned his...

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Client Reviews

  • Sean B.

    Seattle, WA
    I'm a letter carrier. I work on my feet. I trust them to keep me going.”
  • Nicholas K.

    Seattle, WA
    Great service, on-time (or earlier) appointments, and excellent.”
  • Ashley D.

    Seattle, WA
    I'm definitely glad I chose this office since I had such a great experience.”
  • Malcolm S.

    Seattle, WA
    At Foot & Ankle Center of Washington you will find an efficient and cheery office and gifted doctors.”

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