Your feet are two of the most important parts of your body. They support you and get you where you're going from your first halting steps as a toddler into your golden years. When your feet and ankles are ailing, your whole body feels it. Foot and ankle problems can throw off your gait, cause back pain, posture problems, achy knees and other unwanted outcomes. Taking good care of your feet is our mission and we're ready to help you no matter what your feet and ankles are going through.

From relatively minor issues like itchy Athlete's foot to corns, bunions, hammertoes to serious health complications like fractures and sprains, the Foot and Ankle Center of Washington can help. Our experienced podiatrists, Dr. Douglas Hale and Dr. Lawrence Huppin, and all our dedicated staff are ready to get your feet and ankles back in good health and have you walking pain-free as soon as possible and with the least invasive techniques required. Surgery is always our last resort.

Podiatry Services Designed to Get to the Root

Our advanced biomechanics and gait analysis look at your feet and ankles and how they operate together as moving parts. Each of our podiatry services is designed to get to the root of your foot problem so we treat the underlying cause rather than just addressing symptoms. Look below to check out further information on all of our services whether you're looking for pain relief, orthotics or are suffering a foot emergency. From nine months to ninety plus years, we welcome feet of all ages.

Check out our service offerings then call to schedule a consultation with the professionals at the Foot and Ankle Center of Washington – Seattle's most trusted facility for foot and ankle problems and leaders in advanced podiatric medicine, orthotics and biomechanics.

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