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 by Kendall M.

I unexpectedly developed a growth of cartilage and grew up through my nail bed. I believe Osteochondroma is the name for it. Dr. Sound thought about what it was and affirmed it after the x-ray. Dr Hale scheduled a surgery which was quick and relatively painless. Denise was outstanding and coached me with my insurance. He also helped me with my incision dressing post-surgery during my check-up appointment. My issue was fairly non-emergent, yet I felt well taken care of and informed me all through my whole treatment. My check-ups are still ongoing at this point but not unnecessarily frequent.

 by Lance L.

In December 2017, My wife and I were headed to Seattle for a friends wedding. On the morning of the flight, my wife was experiencing the worst ingrown toenail that she has ever had in her lifetime. She was on the verge of tears and told me there was no way she was going to get through the weekend with her big toe throbbing like it was.

Prior to our flight, I called about 5 different Podiatrists (foot doctors) in the Seattle area with very little success. I kept getting voicemails so I left messages trying to see if they could fit my wife in for an appointment. Not only was it a Friday, but it was the weekend heading into New Years and most places were closed for the holiday.

Before our flight took off, Steve from the front desk returned my call and patiently let me explain my dire situation to get my wife seen that day. He was so polite and helpful and made us feel at ease even though we were from out of state and not regular patients. He scheduled us for an appointment shortly after our arrival into the Sea-Tac Airport.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Steve and he had us fill out the normal insurance paperwork. We were then taken to a room where a nurse got my wife situated while we waited for the Dr. to see my wife. We were seen by Dr. Huppin and he was awesome. He was very sympathetic towards my wife and assured both of us she would experience no further discomfort during or after the outpatient procedure.
The staff was very professional and the procedure was 100% seamless. Our overall expectations were above and beyond your typical doctors office experience so I highly recommend this Doctors office for all of your Podiatry issues.

Thank you Dr. Hale and team.

 by Isaac B.

Dr. Hale is one of the most professional and helpful doctors I have been to and I would absolutely recommend his office and his team. Rarely do you find a doctor who is willing to take the time to talk with you for half an hour, give advice, and answer all your questions, and doesn't rush you out the door, so when you find one it really stands out. His assistant is just as good: being friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, and remembering me and everything I said to her between appointments, even months apart! Everybody from the receptionist to the doctor to the assistants really care about helping you and it definitely shows.
My Experience:
I came to the foot and ankle center after developing strange sensations in my foot that felt like my toes were buckling under my foot. It made me practically unable to walk and gave me a significant limp. My primary care was baffled and I knew it was time to see a specialist.
Within literally 10 minutes Dr. Hale had diagnosed the problem (something my primary care hadn't been able to do in 3 half hour appointments). I had a Mortins Neuroma (a pinching and hardening of a nerve in the foot) and he explained all my options and helped me understand what was going on (which having a background in science I really appreciated). He used a high tech laser scanning machine to make me custom orthotics, gave me an exercise and rehabilitation plan, gave me advice on shoes and advice of technique with activities.
I've had custom orthotics his office made for me now for about a year and I went from being unable to walk to being able to climb mountains and run races again (two of my previous hobbies).
That's amazing. I don't want to think about what my life would have been like if I'd just tried to deal with it on my own like I had been doing (for three months with no improvement).
If you have any problems with mobility or pain in your feet or legs I really suggest you check this place out. I don't write a lot of reviews, but when you get treated as well as I was at this place it makes you really want to share.

 by Mia C.

The doctor and other staff here are all very professional and nice. They seem to really care if I feel OK after the visit. They are quick though it doesn't feel rushed.

I sprained my leg two weeks ago and thought I could just walk it off. Long story short the swelling didn't go down so I came to visit the center. I left with an ankle brace after some x-rays and some advice to do balancing exercises.

It wasn't an amazing experience but I didn't really expect it to be. It met my expectations, and I was satisfied with the care.

 by Jamie L.

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Huppin!  Over the last 10 years I was misdiagnosed with a bunion by two other podiatrists.  I was told I would just have to suffer with the pain or have surgery.  I saw Dr. Huppin on YouTube and decided to make an appointment.  At my first visit with Dr. Huppin he explained that I actually have "acquired hallux rigidus" and that orthotics would greatly reduce my pain.  6 weeks after my first appointment and I'm 99% pain free.  I can't believe it.  I am so happy!!  I wish I had gone to see him years ago!
He is punctual and his staff is very nice.
He explains all the charges so you know how much your treatment will cost.
He listened to what I had to say and seemed genuinely interested in getting me the best results.

 by Juliet H.

I had a great experience and highly recommend Dr Huppin. I saw him after having a very painful ingrown nail that occurred quickly, the office scheduled an appointment for me the same day. Dr Huppin was friendly and professional and walked me through everything that would happen. There was only a little pinch when he numbed the area otherwise it was completely pain free. I was out of the office in less that a half hour and he didn't insist on any unnecessary medication or follow up appointments.

 by Lori W.

I am a healthcare provider myself and have very high standards when it comes to medical care. I can not say enough about Dr. Huppin. I have been struggling with severe heel pain in both heels and this clinic has bent over backwards helping me. From Denise, Dr. Huppin's assistant, getting my authorization for MRI through during her LUNCH BREAK, to Dr. Huppin calling me on his day off and getting me in on short notice, to the front desk answering all my annoying questions... these guys are the best!! If you are looking for a doctor who is thorough, knowledgeable, kind, and collaborative with his patients, this is the doctor for you. Thank you for the excellent care Dr. Huppin!

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