For new patients and those who have not been in for 3 years:

If you are seeing Dr. Douglas Hale, please print and complete these New Patient Forms (pdf). Bring them with you to your appointment.

If you are seeing Dr. Larry Huppin, please go to our patient portal to complete your new patient forms online.

Arrive Early for Your Appointment

  • If you have completed the forms, please arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • If you have not completed the forms, please arrive 45 minutes prior to your appointment.

Orthotic Financial Forms

Our prices can be found on this page

Orthotic Insurance Information (questions to ask your insurance regarding coverage)

These pages provide all the information you will need on orthotic insurance and finance issues.   Includes step-by-step questions to determine whether your insurance covers foot orthotic therapy and the percentage of coverage.

Laser for Fungal Nail – Forms

New Patient Laser Forms – Laser for Fungal Toenails Pre-visit Instructions and Financial Information Forms (pdf)

If you are coming in for laser treatment of toenail fungus, please read and complete these forms.

How to Wear Your Orthotics Form

How to Wear Your Orthotics Form (pdf)

If you will be picking up your orthotics soon, read this information before your appointment.  This document provides detailed information on how to best break-in to wearing your orthotic devices.

Recommended Shoe List

The Foot and Ankle Center prepares a list of recommended shoes several times per year. Don’t go shoe shopping without it. Includes recommended shoes, shoes that work well with orthotics, OTC arch supports, socks, slippers and sandals. Click here to download the shoe list.

Information Release Form (pdf)

Any physician must have a release from you to send a copy of your records to another doctor.  If you would like your records sent to us, complete this form and send it to the office that has the records you want sent.  If you would like us to send records to another doctor’s office, complete this form and fax it to us at 206-860-0907.   It may take up to 7 business days to prepare and send the information and charges may apply.

Matrixectomy (nail removal) Post-operative Instructions (pdf)

Wart Excision Post-operative Instructions (pdf)

Pre-operative Instructions for Hospital Surgeries (pdf)

Laser Forms you receive at office visit (pdf)

To find a Labcorp lab to have your liver function tested click here.

To print out a Labcorp lab form for liver function test click here.

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