The best running shoes for bad ankles are ones that provide stability. Whether you’ve had a previous injury or if your ankles are “prone to twist or give way,” the best running shoe protects, provides balance, and keeps the ankle area stable.

Runners, walkers, and hikers who have bad ankles or who are concerned about their ankles especially need the right shoes. Our shoe list has just recently been updated with the best shoe choices in most of the major brands for people with bad ankles.

All of the running shoes we recommend also have features that help with common foot conditions and pain, including overpronation and heel pain. In addition, we like running shoes that have removable insoles and allow for custom or prefabricated orthotics for runners to help keep the foot steady.

Wearing the right shoes for bad ankles also helps lower your risk of developing a condition called “chronic ankle instability.” When this happens, repeated sprains of the ankle are common. This is a very serious problem because each time you sprain your ankle the chances of ankle arthritis are increased later in life. In addition, each time an ankle is sprained, it is more likely it will get reinjured.

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