Top Prefabricated Orthotic Recommendations – Update 2023

Off-the-shelf orthotics (often called “arch supports” or “prefabricated orthotics”) are non-custom devices designed to provide gentle support to the arch of the foot and help spread weight more evenly along the bottom of the foot.

Prefab orthotics  are not as supportive as well-made custom orthotics but they can work well for a lot of people at less cost then custom. Prefabricated orthotics can be found in retail stores, doctors offices and online.

There are many different arch supports on the market. Like everything else, some are better than others. And one brand might work well for your feet while another brand works well for your friend’s feet. Quality off-the-shelf orthotics usually cost $40.00 – $70.00.

Below are the arch supports we recommend to our patients. These are affiliate links so we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if your order from the link.

Our Recommendations for Over-the-counter Arch Supports

Best Arch Supports for Athletic and Walking Shoes

FootChair Adjustable Arch Orthotic

For the most support in full-size athletic and walking shoes use the FootChair Adjustable Arch Orthotic. This unique orthotic has a very supportive arch along with an adjustable arch via pads that can be inserted under the cover. For lace-up shoes this arch support is the most supportive and the best choice for heel pain, arch pain, ball-of-foot pain and big toe joint pain.  These OTC orthotics incorporate many features otherwise found only in custom orthotics and run usually under $39. We can also modify these in our clinic to make them work even better for your specific foot problem.

Best Arch Supports for Soccer Cleats, Bicycle Shoes and Women’s Casual Shoes

For smaller shoes such as soccer, bike shoes, men’s dress shoes or women’s causal shoes, we recommend the FootChair Slim Orthotic with adjustable arch height. The FootChair Slim has excellent arch and heel support and are available in the $40 range.  These are also recommended for women’s flats or heels (see below).

Best Arch Supports for Flat and / or Wide Feet

For people with flat or wide feet, the PowerStep Wide Full Length Orthotics are the widest prefabricated orthotics we have found.  If you have a foot above a D width, you may want to give these a try. If your feet are extremely wide, however, custom orthotics are usually a better option. We also recommend this arch support for people with very flat feet as flat feet almost always splay significantly and standard width orthotic thus tend to be too narrow.

Best Over the Counter Arch Supports for Women’s Heels and Flats

For dress shoes, including high heels, the FootChair Slim Orthotic with adjustable arch height provides the best dress shoe support we have found in a prefabricated orthotic that will fit in women’s dress shoes. It has excellent arch support but is cut very slender and it even flexes in the heel so it can adapt to many different heel heights. About $40.

Best Arch Support Sandals and Slippers 

Our recommended flip-flops and sandals with arch support are from Vionic. Vionic Sandals  and Vionic Slippers offer exceptional arch support in a wide variety of styles. All of them have a well-shaped arch designed by a podiatrist. They are a great choice for wearing around the house, particularly if you have hard wood or tile. The arch will reduce tension on plantar fascia, transfer pressure off of the heel and the forefoot and help reduce painful forces in the big toe joint.

You can find Vionic sandals and flip flops here and Vionic slippers here.

Arch Supports to Avoid

There are several arch supports that we think you should avoid because they are either not very supportive or don’t offer good value.

Avoid any arch supports that are recommended by a “foot mapping computer”.  These “arch support machines” are simply sales tools. For the most part the arch supports that are recommended are very flimsy and are far too expensive. You can learn detailed information about these types of arch supports and the “foot mapping units” here.

For the most part, avoid arch support stores that advertise heavily on radio and TV. These arch support stores sell what they call “custom fit orthotics”. These are not custom orthotics and are simply over-the-counter arch supports – but they charge well over $100 for them. Don’t get ripped off – avoid these places at all costs.

You should never spend more than $70 for any arch support unless it is a custom orthotic made by a medical professional. We have detailed information and a review of these heavily advertised arch supports here.

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