juzo socks

Juzo Socks

Surprisingly, wearing the correct socks can help a lot in reducing bunion pain.  Socks help in two ways.  First by reducing friction on the bunion and second by providing cushion.

Although cotton is the most popular sock material, it is not a good choice for people with bunions.  Cotton socks have a high “coefficieint of friction” – meaning they are rough and can irriate the already damaged skin over the bunion.  In addition, cotton provides no cushion.

The best socks for bunions have three features:
1.  Low friction
2.  No seams over the bunion (look for a “channeled seam” or “seamless”)
3.  Provide cushion throughout the day to protect the bunion from the shoe

juzo socks

Juzo Socks

There are a number of socks on the market that provide these features. Most are made of acrylic materials.  We have reviewed many socks and one of our favorites is the Juzo Silver Sole Socks.

We previously have  discussed the best prefabricated orthotics for bunions.   This week you found the best socks for bunions.   These are the two items you need to ensure correct fit when you are trying on shoes.  So next week we’ll start looking at the best shoes for bunions.

2 thoughts on “Best Socks to Reduce Bunion Pain

  1. I have been wearing the Nike Air Rift shoe. I’ve always wondered why podiatrists have not recommended this shoe. It appears to do the same thing, in a shoe, that all the flexible hinged splints do: it keeps the big toe straight, or at least straigher than I can do myself.
    Despite the advice about wearing shoes that are wide in the toe-box: I can’t keep the toe straight anyway, so even with a wide toe-box, the toe is bent. The split toe shoe like the Air Rift forces the toe into a straigher position.


    1. Thanks for your input. I agree the Nike Air Rift not a bad shoe for those with bunions. In particular we find that people who have irritation from the first toe hitting the second toe like this shoe. The shoe has a unique split-toe design that is both it’s benefit and it’s drawback. That split toe works great to keep the toes from abutting against each other. the downside is that it’s been difficult for a lot of people to find the split toe socks to go with the shoe. Overall, my feeling is that it’s worth trying on and that some people with bunions may really like it. Thanks again – we appreciate the input of those living with these problems every day.

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