The big toe joint is a surprisingly complicated structure and there are many conditions that affect it.   Dr. Huppin and Dr. Hale of the Foot & Ankle Center are experts at treating all problems associated with the big toe joints including bunions, arthritis and injuries. If you are experiencing any issues with your big toe joint or your big toe, contact us for an appointment at our Seattle foot clinic.

To learn more about your specific foot condition, use the links below. Many toe and foot conditions can be addressed through self-treatment. Click here to learn how to take care of bunions and other serious toe conditions.

Video: Don’t Have Bunion Surgery Until You Watch This Video

Some of the common problems that affect the big toe joint include:


Bunions are an enlargement of the big toe joint and can cause pain from shoe pressure or from damage occurring within the joint.  Our goal when treating bunions is to eliminate pain and stop or slow the growth of the bunion.  Most bunion pain can be treated without surgery but if bunion surgery is necessary, the Foot & Ankle Center has the region’s most experienced and respected bunion surgeons on staff.  Click here to learn here how to eliminate bunion pain.

Hallux Limitus

Also known as pain in the big toe joint, Hallux limitus occurs when the big toe joint doesn’t move as it should when you walk due to abnormal foot mechanics. In the short term it can lead to joint pain and in the long term, to arthritis in the big toe joint. Pain in the big toe joint is a sign of ongoing damage, so you should not ignore the pain. Click here to learn how to eliminate the pain of hallux limitus and protect your toe joints.

Video: What Causes Pain in the Big Toe Joint

Hallux Rigidus

Also known as big toe joint arthritis, Hallux rigidus can lead to pain with every step. In most cases, our foot pain experts can usually eliminate the pain without surgical intervention. But if all conservative treatment options have been exhausted and you are still in pain, there are very effective surgical options available and we have the surgical expertise to get you the best outcome.

Numb Big Toe

Numbness in the toes is can be caused by from nerve damage due to disease, but more commonly certain biomechanical conditions can put pressure on the nerves on the side of the foot and lead to numbness of the big toe. If the issue is physical stress, it can be easily remedied to restore sensation. Click here to see how to take pressure off of these nerves in order to prevent numbness.

Video: Causes and Treatment of Numb Big Toes

Turf Toe

Also known as a sprain of the big toe joint, turf toe should be evaluated and treated early to prevent long term problems. Although more common with football players, turf toe can affect soccer players, gymnasts, dancers and wrestlers. If you have an injury of this type, you should contact the Foot & Ankle Center as soon as possible. Click here to learn about self-treatment options for turf toe and to learn more about turf toe injuries.

Tailor’s Bunion

Also known as a bunionette, instead of being a big toe issue, it’s a bunion at the little toe joint that forms on the outside of the foot. The condition is named after tailors because they commonly developed them from their work posture but today can be caused by too-narrow shoes rubbing and causing pressure. In addition to choosing shoes that are a better fit, click here for more detailed information on how Tailor’s bunions should be treated.

See Us as Soon as Possible so We Can Relieve Your Pain and Help You Avoid Surgery

Bunions and big toe joint problems are among the most common conditions foot and toe conditions we treat. In most cases, the professionals at the Foot & Ankle Center can help you achieve complete pain relief using non-surgical treatment. If you are experiencing any discoloration, pain, swelling, numbness or other problems associated with your great toe or bunions on either side of your foot, contact us today for an appointment.

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