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The Foot & Ankle Center of Washington is the premier center for foot orthotic therapy in the Seattle area and Northwest United States. We specialize in custom foot orthotics and biomechanical and gait evaluation and have become the primary referral center for orthotic therapy in the greater Seattle area.

Why We are Your Best Choice for Custom Orthotics
You have many choices of where to get custom orthotics. When you choose the Foot and Ankle Center you will likely achieve much better relief of symptoms and more comfortable orthotics than at other clinics. Read more to learn why your orthotics will work better if made by Dr. Hale or Dr. Huppin.

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What are Custom Orthotics?
Custom foot orthotics are prescription medical devices made from non-weight bearing molds of your feet. They are designed to control alignment and function of the foot in order to treat or prevent injury-causing motions such as pronation (rolling-in) and supination (rolling-out). They also act to make activities such as running, walking – even standing – more efficient. Finally, they can act to redistribute pressure on the bottom of the foot to relieve pain from excessive pressure or calluses.

How do Custom Foot Orthotics work?
Most foot pain is the result of a faulty relationship between the bones and muscles of the foot. Even the slightest misalignment can result in significant discomfort. This abnormal function can result in problems such as bunions, hammer toes, arch and heel pain, corns, knee pain ... even back pain.

The function of custom orthotics is much more than an arch support. Orthotics realign the structures of the foot and leg to prevent bone mal-alignment as well as muscle, tendon, and ligament fatigue. They are often used after surgery to help stop the recurrence of foot deformities.

As your foot rests on the orthotic it is gently and consistently directed into the correct position for walking, running, and standing.

Because your foot is now functioning properly, the pain of muscle strain and pressure points is relieved, and the progression of deformities is stopped or slowed.

Production of Custom Orthotics
Proper production of custom orthotics is an exacting process and determines whether or not you receive quality devices that will best treat your condition. As with everything, there are well-made orthotics and poorly-made orthotics. The ability of an orthotic device to eliminate your pain is dependent on the quality of the orthotics. The quality of the orthotics is dependent on three primary steps:
1. The cast of your feet
2. The prescription the doctor writes (based on the examination and the doctors knowledge and experience
3. The work of the orthotic lab in producing your orthotics.


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