“Ankle Foot Orthotics” (or AFO) is a special brace that is designed to help control the motion of the ankle joint and also offer support to the foot.

The Functional AFO is a type of ankle foot orthotic designed to offer superb control for the foot and ankle while offering greater comfort and easier shoe fit than other braces.  It is custom made for your foot and ankle and combines a custom foot orthosis with an attached semi-rigid ankle brace.   It is the only brace available that controls the motion of the ankle joint and the motion of both of the major joints of the foot.

There are multiple reasons that your physician may have suggested this brace.  Most commonly the brace is used to control a severe flatfoot, an unstable ankle, or a foot/ankle with abnormal or painful motion.  By controlling motion,  function is often improved and pain is decreased.

This unique brace is custom fit to your foot and ankle, so it “hugs” your ankle comfortably.  This allows better fit in shoes than most braces.   All AFOs, however, require a stable lace-up shoe, and the Functional AFO is no exception.   It is very important that shoes are purchased after the brace is fitted.

Functional Ankle-Foot Orthotics can treat:

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