Bunions can limit the types of shoes women can wear, especially high heels. High heeled shoes can strain the motion in the big toe joint and cause the arches to collapse. Since we know that many women wear high heels on a daily basis, we wanted to recommend a high heel that is fashionable and comfortable.

The Earthies brand of high heels are some of the best high heels for preventing bunions and big toe joint pain. These shoes are helpful for bunions because they have a rocker sole that prevents motion at the big toe area. They also have exceptional built-in arch support for a 3.5-inch heel. In fact, these heels have the best arch support we’ve seen in a dress shoe.   As a special bonus they are extremely fashionable

Most of the time high heeled shoes can cause foot problems. In addition to bunions, they can increase the chance for developing pain under the balls of the feet, heel pain, toe pain, and overall tired, achy feet. However, choosing a supportive heel with an arch support or wearing a dress shoe orthotic can make all the difference.

The Earthies Fashion Heels are high heeled AND high fashion.  They fit feet sizes up to size 12. Reviewers of the shoes have called them “stylish AND comfortable,” “supportive,” “stunning” and “beautiful.”

The Earthies heels are available here.

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