Just as the foundation of a building supports the entire structure above it, so too do your feet support the rest of your body; they are the foundation of everything above, affecting your body’s posture, and being affected by your body’s posture, as well. In fact, the connection between your feet and the rest of your body is intimate and unavoidable and, should your feet suffer injury, the rest of your body will be affected – just as your feet may be affected by an injury to your body.

With every step you take, and yes, with every move you make, your feet are impacted, transferring the stress throughout the length of your body and having a profound effect on your posture. Similarly, poor posture will heighten the impact of every bit of stress your feet endure. From flat feet to over-pronation, problems with your feet will impact the joints above them; while compensating for a sore hip or aching back will displace your weight and over-stress your feet.  If you carry extra weight, these forces are multiplied.   In fact, a number of studies show that the combination of a flat foot and extra weight is a strong contributor to certain types of knee arthritis.

Like the foundation of the building mentioned above, if your feet become unstable for any reason, and there are many possible causes for unstable feet and ankles, the entire structure above becomes stressed and unstable as well. Poor foot biomechanics or an uneven gait can easily lead to knee pain and back pain, all because of what your feet are doing – or not doing – when you walk, run, or stand for long periods.

Just as your feet affect your posture, so too does your posture affect your feet. Keeping a stable center of gravity during all activities will help to relieve excess stress on your feet, just as a smooth gait when walking will relieve stress on your upper body.

Our doctors, Dr. Douglas S. Hale and Dr. Lawrence Z. Huppin are intimately familiar with the biomechanical connection between your feet and the rest of your body, If you’re worried about your gait or posture, make an appointment with your Seattle podiatrist today at the Foot & Ankle Center of Washington for an expert evaluation, treatment, and relief.

Dr. Larry Huppin
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