In the winter months, foot creams for dry skin are one of the best treatments for preventing dry heels and feet. Moisturizing with a heavy cream designed for thick skin on the bottoms of the feet can help dissolve callused skin and keep cracked heels or heels fissures from developing.

A heel fissure is a painful crack or opening in the skin where the dry skin on a callus cracks and bleeds. This is not only a painful nuisance, but broken, hard skin is also unattractive. Using foot creams for dry skin not only helps feet to look better, but by preventing heel fissures you’ll also reduce the likelihood of a possible infection.

An excellent choice for a foot cream is the Kerasal Professional Exfoliating Moisturizing Foot Ointment. When used on a regular basis a foot cream should help the skin become rehydrated and healthy once again. For best results apply after a shower at night so that your feet can stay moisturized while you sleep. Wearing a moisture barrier sock overnight also keeps the skin lubricated. The Silipos gel therapy socks locks moisture in without restricting circulation.

Other podiatrist recommended foot creams for dry skin and cracked heels:

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