Our new Guide to the Best Walking Boots in now live on our website.  This guide discusses the best type of walking boot for a number of foot and ankle problems.  One of those is ankle sprain.

An ankle sprain is an injury to the ligaments on the outside of your ankle. Sprained ankles occur most commonly during  sports. Studies indicate that 70% to 80% of athletes who suffer from an ankle sprain will suffer a recurrent sprain. Approximately 20% to 40% of patients develop chronic instability or multiple recurring sprains after they have experienced an ankle sprain.

There is a high incidence of residual ankle instability because most ankle sprains are not treated properly. In most cases, a patient brought to a medical facility is evaluated for a fracture. When this is ruled out, follow-up care often does not include the rehabilitation of injury to the ligaments of the ankle.

At the Foot and Ankle Center of Washington, we provide our patients suffering from ankle sprain, with a plan of immobilization that involves using removable casts and ankle braces. Bearing weight on your ankle will help heal torn ends of ligament and restore your ankle to its most stable position. Additionally, our doctors and physical therapists will work with you on methods that will help decrease the swelling that comes with the injury. We will also help you learn and perform specialized exercises that will help you regain balance and proprioception. Research has proven that the restoration of balance and posture is an important aspect of preventing future ankle sprains.

Our patients at the Foot and Ankle Center of Washington are asked to wear a medical walking boot for two weeks following an ankle sprain. They are usually provided with a tall walking boot because a short walking boots have not been shown to provide adequate ankle protection. Although a pneumatic boot can also be used for an ankle sprain, the less expensive regular tall boot should work fine in helping with the treatment of an ankle sprain.

We also suggest shoes that have exceptional all-around support that will help prevent future ankle sprains. We will recommend appropriate shoes for your foot type and a list of shoe stores that have personnel who have been trained in proper fitting. We also provide ankle braces for patients who prefer these devices. We recommend the Darco Gel Ankle Brace or the Stromgren Double Strap Ankle Brace, both of which are available at http://www.footanklestore.com/

Mistreated ankle sprains can lead to long term problems. If you have sprained your ankle or are experiencing ankle sprain symptoms call today for an evaluation in our convenient Seattle office.

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