Prevention and Treatment of Metatarsal Stress Fractures

On this page we are going to provide some prevention and treatment options for metatarsal stress fractures that may be prescribed by your doctor. Before we start, however, we want to advise anyone who thinks they might have a stress fracture to have it evaluated by a podiatrist. Stress fractures that are not treated correctly can lead to more serious fractures that might require long-term immobilization or even surgery. We don’t recommend home remedies for stress fractures. 

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1.  If you think you might have a stress fracture protect it in a walking boot until you can get it evaluated by a doctor. Ydarco fx pro walker stress fractures metatarsalour doctor will likely prescribe a  walking boot (removable cast) anyway, so you might as well get started now so you prevent further injury. We recommend the Ossur Equalizer Walker to our patients who don’t want to purchase a boot through the office.

2. Several studies have shown that orthotics that conform closely to your arch reduce the strain on the metatarsal bones, thus orthotics reduce the chance of stress fracturesCustom orthotics have been shown to work best, but if you cannot get a custom orthotic yougood arch support can try a prefabricated orthotic. The best one we have found for stress fracture prevention is the P3 Full Length Orthotic. This is our favorite orthotic for metatarsal stress fracture treatment and prevention because it conforms closer to the foot and does a better job than most OTC arch supports at reducing pressure under the metatarsal bones.

3.  To help prevent stress fractures wear a stable shoe at all times (if you are not wearing a walker). You can download our list of foot blisters orthofeet shoerecommended shoes. One of favorite walking shoes for people with a history of metatarsal stress fracture is the Orthofeet Walker shoe. Very stable and offers good cushion.

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4.  It is a good idea to have arch support most of time to prevent the return of the stress fractures. For patients who don’t want to wear a shoe around the house, we suggest they consider Vionic Flip Flop Sandals. While flip-flops will never be as stable as shoes, these have a great arch support and are the best flip-flops we have found.

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If you think you may have a stress fracture, or you have previously had one and want to prevent recurrence, contact us for an appointment in our convenient Seattle office.