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Playing sports or exercising avidly can expose your feet and ankles to additional and unusual forces.  Simply engaging in sports or other physical activity can cause injury.

At the Foot and Ankle Center of Washington, we provide leading-edge care for injuries as well as sport-specific programs designed to maximize your feet’s performance, prevent injury, and get you back to the activities you love. If you have a sports injury affecting your feet or ankles,contact us today for an appointment in our Seattle clinic.

Keeping You Active While You Heal

One of our primary goals for our active patients is to let them stay active while they heal. Even if you must wear a waking boot to allow your foot to heal, we want you to be able to continue working out. We can even help you maintain high intensity interval type of workouts.  You can check out our page on Exercising with a Foot Injury, for detailed instructions on how to maintain fitness while you heal.

Surgery is Our Last Resort for Active People

Surgery is always our last resort for treatment of almost all foot and ankle conditions. This is especially true with athletes as we have a goal of getting you back to your activity as soon as possible. There is almost always a non-surgical solution that works for most problems of the foot and ankle.

Bring Your Shoes to Your Appointmentrhino runner apex

We will want to evaluate the shoes you are using for your activity. Please bring any shoes that you use during sports or exercise to your appointment with us. Shoes that have been worn a bit are most helpful as it allows us to evaluate wear patterns. But bring the shoes even if there is no wear – we will want to evaluate how they function and how they fit. If you need new shoes, please do not buy them until after you meet with us

Bring any Orthotics or Arch Supports You Usesports medicine orthotics seattle

If you wear arch supports or orthotics while playing sports or exercising, bring them to your appointment. We will need to evaluate those also to ensure they are doing everything possible to prevent injury and improve performance.

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