People with flat feet tend to have arches that collapse (sometimes called fallen arches or pronation). This is a common foot problem and while in most cases the flat foot itself does not need to be corrected, it is possible to alter the painful symptoms, including heel pain and ball of foot pain.

One way is through wearing orthotic flip flops sandals, rather than going barefoot. Supportive flip flops transfer force and decrease pressure off the ball of the foot. If your feet are hurting and you would rather not wear shoes with orthotics when it’s hot outside, orthotic flip flops are a good alternative for summer.

The best flip flops for flat feet are the Wave Flip-Flop Sandal – available here.This is a doctor-recommended flip flop that is also stylish, sporty, andbuilt to cushion the arch of your foot. It has deep heel cups that stabilize, support and realign the foot back into its natural position. The technology in the sandal is also clinically proven to reduce excess pronation. Plus, a fully waterproof design makes this an ideal beach and pool flip flop.

Click here to see additional recommended Orthaheel orthotic flip flop sandal choices that are similar to the Wave Flip-Flop Sandal.

Watch a 3-minute video about flat feet and how to correct the problem using orthotics.

Dr. Douglas S. Hale

Specialist in foot and ankle biomechanics/orthotics and reconstructive surgery at Foot and Ankle Center of Washington
Douglas S. Hale, DPM, is an advisor for the International Foot & Ankle Foundation for Education and Research. He graduated with honors from both Tulane University School of Engineering and the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. His engineering background gives him a unique perspective treating your problem biomechanically or surgically and believes in doing what is best for your medical condition. If all options for treating your problem “biomechanically” are exhausted, he provides the same level of capability and experience with surgical solutions.
Dr. Douglas S. Hale

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  1. Hello. I’m interested in purchasing orthotics for my son who has flat feet and wears size SEVEN shoes. What would these orthotics cost?

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    I’m also interested in the WAVE flip flops size 12 but in blue/white. When do you expect to get them in?

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