Best Toe Separators to Prevent the Big Toe From Hitting the Second Toe

If you have bunions you will often find the the big toe drifts over and presses into the second toe. In some cases the big toe will go over or under the second toe.

Any of these conditions can be irritating and it can be helpful to keep the two toes separated.

There are many types of devices on the market that are designed to keep these two toes apart. We have had our patients try all of them and below are the ones we find work the best.

All of the toe separators listed below work well on some people, but none of them work on everyone. We recommend trying several of them and determine which work the best for your feet.  These devices are the ones we recommend to our patients and they are also affiliate links so we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if your order from the link.

Keep in mind that there is no evidence that any of these devices provide any long term correction. They just keep the toes apart and straighter while you wear them. This often leads to pain relief but will not in any way provide any long term correction of the position of the toes.

DenadaDance Toe Spacersgel bunion toe spacer

A lot of our patients like the DenadaDance Toe Spacers as they do a good job at separating the toes without taking up too much room in the shoe.

This kit also comes with sizes that fit both the big toe and the 2nd toe so you can figure out which works best for you.

Gel Toe Separators Over Both Toesbunion separator for two toes

This Gel Toe Separator works well for bigger bunions. It takes up a little more room in the shoe compared to the DenadaDance but because it goes over both the first and second toe at the same time it tends to stay in place a little better.

So if you have trouble with the toe spacers slipping around , try this Gel Toe Separator for Both Toes.

Bunion Toe Spacer with Forefoot Cushionbunion spacer with cushion

If you have trouble with the first and second toes pressing on each other and also have some pain under the ball of the foot this device is often a good choice as it both separates the toes and cushions the ball of the foot. This is only device we have found that effectively separates the toes and provides cushion under the ball of the foot. You can see the Bunion Spacer with Forefoot Cushion Pad here.

Bunion Toe Spacer with Cushion for the Bump on the Side of the Toe

Finally, if you need to separate the first and second toes and also have a bump on the size of the foot that needs to be cushioned, this Dr. Frederick’s Toe Spacer and Bunion Pad is the device that we recommend the most to our patients.

Which is the Best Bunion Spacer Pad?

There is no way to say which is the best pad for any particular person (or foot for that matter). We recommend trying a couple of them to determine which device works best for you.

Dr. Larry Huppin
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