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Best Arch Supports for Runners

The popularity of running has led to more injuries and an emphasis on prevention. Prefabricated orthotics for runners (also known as arch supports) help to keep the feet in alignment, stabilizing the entire lower body. In fact, many runners find an arch support plays a huge role in whether or not leg, knee, hip and back injuries are developed over the years.

If you are a casual jogger or a more serious runner, an arch support can prevent problems associated with flat feet and excessive pronation. Our favorite arch support for runners is the PowerStep Medical Grade Orthotic. We have recommended this to patients with a lot of success. It’s the next best thing to a custom orthotic prescribed by a podiatrist.  If you need a somewhat less expensive and less stable arch support, the PowerStep Full Length Insoles is our second choice.

If you have more serious problems, you these prefabricated orthotics may not provide adequate support.  In that case you are a likely candidate for custom orthotics.  You can read here about new research on custom orthotics for runners.

To use the OTC arch supports or custom orthotics, simply remove the insole in your current running shoe and insert the arch support. It should immediately improve your foot function, provide cushioning, and be comfortable. Since running biomechanics can be complicated, it’s worth the investment to wear an arch support, even if you don’t think you need one. Orthotics can help with many running complications, including:

Order the PowerStep Medical Grade Orthotic HERE.

Best Running Shoes for Bad Ankles

The best running shoes for bad ankles are ones that provide stability. Whether you’ve had a previous injury or if your ankles are “prone to twist or give way,” the best running shoe protects, provides balance, and keeps the ankle area stable.

Runners, walkers, and hikers who have bad ankles or who are concerned about their ankles especially need the right shoes. OurSpring 2011 shoe list has just recently been updated with the best shoe choices in most of the major brands for people with bad ankles.

All of the running shoes we recommend also have features that help with common foot conditions and pain, including overpronation and heel pain. In addition, we like running shoes that have removable insoles and allow for custom or prefabricated orthotics for runners to help keep the foot steady.

Wearing the right shoes for bad ankles also helps lower your risk of developing a condition called “chronic ankle instability.” When this happens, repeated sprains of the ankle are common. This is a very serious problem because each time you sprain your ankle the chances of ankle arthritis are increased later in life. In addition, each time an ankle is sprained, it is more likely it will get reinjured.

If you are ready to buy new running shoes and prevent ankle injury, take our recommended shoe list with you. Enter your email address here to download the free recommended shoe list.

Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees

If you have bad knees, it’s important to wear running shoes that keep the feet, knees, and ankles stable at all times. Since running puts a great deal of force on the knees, the right shoes not only allow you to run longer, but also reduce your chance of pain and injury.

Runners who have bad knees have a few challenges. These include problems with excessive pronation and runners knee. Overpronation causes the foot to pronate (flatten) and the leg to rotate in toward the other knee. Runners knee occurs when there is excess stress on the knee area due to overpronation, misalignment, and overtraining. Runners can prevent these conditions by wearing stability shoes that encourage the knees to stay in proper alignment and support the arches.

For the best running shoes for bad knees, check out the shoes from our free recommended shoe list. We’ve picked only running and exercise shoes that are designed to keep knees, feet, and ankles healthy.

If you have knee pain and are a runner, it’s also helpful to vary your running surfaces, such as running on soft dirt trails or grass. Also, if you are new to running and have bad knees, visit a running shoe store to get fitted by a shoe specialist.

Be sure to download our recommended shoe list before you buy a new pair of shoes. The Spring 2011 shoe list is available for download here.

Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain | Seattle Heel Pain Center

Since plantar fasciitis and heel pain is such a common complaint for runners, we wanted to share our knowledge of the best running shoes to combat these problems. Running puts a great deal of pressure on the feet, knees, and ankles, which means that shoes must be able to provide shock-absorption and stability. Whether you are a causal jogger or an elite runner, choosing the best running shoes is essential.

That’s why we have created a free recommended shoe list download that can be used as the definitive guide. To create the list, we reviewed shoes to find the ones that resolve the problems that our patients with plantar fasciitis and heel pain complain about the most.

We found that the best running shoes must be stable, with firm heel counters and firm midsoles. This includes having a removable sock liner so that a prefabricated or custom orthotics can be added. This is helpful for keeping the arches firmly supported and taking pressure off the heel area. The use of orthotics also removes tension off of the plantar fascia and reduces the build-up of inflammation.

In addition, if heel pain is a continuous problem when running or even walking, it’s important to seek treatment by following our heel pain protocol or visiting your local podiatrist and being evaluated. Plantar fasciitis can become chronic and difficult to treat, but wearing running shoes from our free list can be helpful.

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