As golfers, we like to watch what the pros do and follow suit. So when professional golfer Fred Couples stepped out on the course at the 2011 Masters wearing the ECCO Golf Street Shoe, we were curious about why he chose this particular shoe. Fred has had chronic back pain for years and needed a comfortable shoe that gave him a good grip and supported his back. We were surprised to this shoe does not have spikes and resembles more of a sneaker than a traditional golf shoe.

Golfers who have back pain need a supportive shoe to play a pain-free game. It turns out the ECCO Golf Street Shoe has stability and comfort features to not only set up for a good golf game, but to also support a bad back. It is designed with a durable and breathable textile lining with a microfiber heel grip.

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If back pain is a problem, we also highly recommend wearing an arch support. While a custom orthotic will have the best fit and support, the Powerstep ProTech Classic Plus Pro is the top of the line OTC choice. It can be inserted in any golf shoe and can help to improve alignment and provide a pain-free golf game.

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Dr. Larry Huppin

Podiatrist specializing in biomechanics at Foot & Ankle Center of Washington
Lawrence Z.Huppin, DPM is an internationally recognized lecturer and teacher on orthotic therapy and biomechanics.In his Seattle private practice his focus in on treatment of mechanical problems such as heel pain, bunions, ball of foot pain, athletic injuries and children’s foot conditions.In addition he specializes in toenail problems including ingrown and fungal toenail conditions. He is always focused on helping patients avoid surgery if at all possible and keeping your medical costs as low as possible.
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