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At Foot & Ankle Center of Washington, based in Seattle, our podiatrists, Dr. Douglas Hale and Dr. Lawrence Huppin, meet all problems of the feet and ankles with leading-edge capabilities, a high degree of skill and experience and a focus on long-term results that has earned the trust of thousands of patients and their doctors over the last 20 years.

Heel Pain Specialists
The Seattle Heel Pain Center is our specialty clinic focused on treating plantar fasciitis and other causes of heel pain. We are known for curing even the most chronic cases of heel pain.

Orthotic Experts
Our foot and ankle physicians are among the nation’s most informed and experienced in the use of advanced foot orthotics therapies to treat problems that are too often treated surgically. Learn why our orthotics work better.

Foot and Ankle Surgical Specialists
Where Surgery is the Last Resort

We believe in doing what’s best for your unique situation, and that rarely begins with surgery. Yet, once we’ve exhausted all options for treating your problem non-operatively, we provide the same level of skill and experience with surgical solutions. Learn about bunion surgery, neuroma surgery and hammertoe surgery.

Convenient to the Entire Seattle Area
Our clinic is centrally located near downtown Seattle and is convenient for patients from Everett to Bellevue to Tacoma. Make an appointment today.


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Seattle Top Doctor Dr Doug Hale, Douglas Hale 


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Why our orthotics work better:
Custom foot orthotics heal without surgery. Learn what sets us apart.
Heal Pain Relief Specialists:
Heel pain - plantar fasciitis - is the most common problem we treat. We are experts in effective, fast, and conservative treatments.
Ingrown Nails:
Treated same day in most cases. Experts in nearly painless treatment
Laser for Fungal Nails:
Effective and painless treatment for fungal toenails.
Bunions and Big Toe Joint:
We specialize in relieving your pain without surgery, but if surgery is necessary, we offer the area's most skilled bunion surgeon.
Ultrasound Imaging:
We use high-resolution ultrasound to visualize tissue, allowing more accurate diagnosis and treatment.
New Plantar Fascitis Treatment:
For stubbon heel pain, we now have available an ultrasound guided treatment to simulate healing of the plantar fascia.
Wear Fashion Shoes in Comfort:
We can help you wear beautiful fashion shoes in comfort.
Referring Physicians:
Seattle's most trusted referral center for foot and ankle problems. Info for referring doctors can be found here.