Many soccer players benefit from the use of custom orthotics to relieve foot, ankle, knee, and hip pain caused by poor foot control or alignment. Soccer cleats, for the most part, do not have any arch support or built-in controls for foot motion like most running shoes do. In soccer shoes, custom orthotics act to provide much improved support and control for the foot and ankle in order to prevent injury.

Soccer shoes also tend to be smaller than most athletic shoes. They have less volume and many players like to wear the shoe relatively tight in order to enhance feel of the ball. This makes it more challenging to fit orthotics into soccer shoes.

The orthotic devices we prescribe for our soccer playing patients tend to be low profile devices and are designed specifically for soccer cleats. This soccer orthotic sits very low in the shoe so the player’s foot is not jammed in the shoe or pushed out of the top of the shoe. Also, there is a specific modification on the orthotic to allow the big toe to be in contact with the shoe to allow better push-off for sprinting and cutting.

The same type of orthotic is often used for patients who play rugby, lacrosse and ultimate Frisbee.

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Many injuries commonly seen in soccer players can be prevented with custom orthotics. These include:

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