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Thank you for subscribing to our foot health newsletter.  You can download the shoe list using the link above.  We update this list two times each year, but there are always a few shoes that turn out to be discontinued.  If you can’t find the specific shoe on the list, a good shoe store will be able to guide you to a similar shoe.  We will let you know in the newsletter as soon as an updated shoe list is available.

Shoes are an essential part of treating foot and ankle complaints and they’re often the cause.  We know that all feet are not the same, and the same is true with footwear.  That’s why we thoroughly evaluate your shoes and how they relate to your symptoms, foot shape, gait, weight, lifestyle and overall biomechanics.  Plus, we’ll educate you about how to choose footwear properly, and we will provide you with a list of the best shoes for all kinds of specialized needs.