No Matter What’s Troubling Your Feet, We Can Help

Foot pain can have a profound impact on your life and can limit your enjoyment of even the most basic activities like standing or walking. Many foot conditions can be easily treated through self-care at home and preventative measures. More serious foot conditions may require the attention of a skilled podiatrist like the experts at the Foot and Ankle Center of Seattle. In addition to common issues like Athlete’s Foot and calluses, we also treat a wide array of other foot problems including the following:

Pronation is a rolling of the foot when you walk and if it’s excessive, can cause pain and injuries. Click here to learn how to check your feet for pronation.

 Pregnancy can cause swollen feet, flattened feet, pain when walking and pronation. Click here to see how we can help your feet during and after pregnancy.

 Drop foot is serious disorder where foot mobility is limited and braces are usually required. Click here to learn how we treat drop foot with ankle-foot orthosis.

 Tarsal tunnel syndrome is nerve pain in your foot that can be debilitating. Click here to find out how we treat tarsal tunnel syndrome non-surgically.

 Foot cramps are painful and can be caused by muscle fatigue or other factors. Click here to learn how to relieve and prevent foot cramping.

 Numb or tingling feet can cause discomfort when exercising. Click to find out how custom orthotics can address numb and tingling feet.

 Sore feet can be caused by a wide variety of issues, some serious, some not. Click here to learn what causes sore feet and how to treat.

 Short leg is a disorder where one leg is literally shorter which can cause foot, back and leg pain. Click to learn about causes and symptoms of short leg syndrome and how we can help.

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