Video: Cure Tired Feet

Most of the pages regarding foot conditions on our site have to do with a specific problem or specific area of the foot. This page is written especially for those of you with generalized sore feet or achy feet – or just tired feet in general.

Most of the time when you have sore foot, we can pinpoint a specific area that is hurting. But sometimes that sore, achy foot is simply hurting everywhere.

There are a number of problems that lead to generalized sore feet – including arthritisplantar fasciististendonitis, and inflamed nerves. Sometimes your feet ache simply because your shoes don’t provide enough support. Sometimes sore feet are caused by multiple problems occurring.

Whatever the cause of your sore, tired or achy feet, we can almost always find a solution to your problem. Call us today for an appointment in our Seattle foot and ankle clinic.