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When your heels hurt, your whole day is ruined, not to mention months, and even years. Living with heel pain however is not necessary – not anymore. At the Seattle Heel Pain Center, we have developed a specific Heel and Arch Pain Protocol based upon decades of experience and the timeliest research.
Conservative, non-invasive treatments for anyone whose heels hurt

When your heels hurt our doctors, Dr. Douglas Hale, DPM, and Dr. Larry Huppin, DPM, are uniquely qualified to help you relieve your heel pain.

They are expert in the diagnosis of the causes of heel pain, and in the treatment of these problems, from the use of specialized foot orthotics to foot biomechanics. They are also experts Extracorporal Shockwave Therapy. Both of our doctors emphasize the use of conservative, non-invasive treatments for heel pain before considering surgery.

Who will benefit from our heel pain treatments?

At the Seattle Heel Pain Center, we have established several specialized protocols for patients whose heels hurt on a chronic basis. These heel pain protocols include:

  • Athletes
  • Arthritis patients
  • Pregnancy related heel and arch pain
  • Patients with previous heel pain treatment failure: Surgical or Conservative

Our singular goal for those whose heels hurt is to use the most conservative, non-invasive treatment possible to provide long-term relief of your heel pain.

We have also provided more detailed information on the causes and treatment of heel and arch pain in the “Conditions” section of this web site.

If your heels hurt, for whatever reason, the time to begin your treatment is now. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Seattle clinic to relieve your heel pain.

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