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Stiff Big Toe Seattle Treatment (Hallux Rigidus)

If you live in Seattle and are have a stiff big toe joint, Seattle podiatrists Dr. Huppin and Dr. Hale can help you eliminate the pain and treat the underlying symptoms. We regularly see patients who have a stiff big toe joint to determine what is causing the pain and how much damage has been done already. We then quickly take steps reduce painful symptoms and prevent further damage to the toe joint.

A stiff big toe joint occurs when there is a condition known as hallux rigidus. This is a “wear and tear” type of arthritis where the joint surface on the big toe wears down, resulting in very painful bone spurs that limit motion. Big toe pain not only makes walking painful, but it can also contribute to knee, hip, and lower back pain. Hallux rigidus gets worse overtime.

At our Foot and Ankle clinic in Seattle we treat the underlying cause of hallux rigidus to reduce further damage on the foot. We have found that correctly prescribed foot orthotics can be the most effective what to treat big toe pain and prevent surgery.

If you live in the Seattle area and have symptoms of stiff big toe joint, request an appointment as soon as possible.

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