Probably not, because most of the information you read about supplements is false.

I found a great blog today about supplements.   There is a lot of information on the web regarding supplements.  Most of it is wrong.  In fact, most of what you hear about supplements are simply sales pitches with absolutely no science or proof to back them up.  Fairly often, in our Seattle podiatry clinic, I have patients ask me about supplements and whether one or another of them might help cure their heel pain, tendonitis or other foot problem.

Joe Cannon, the author of Supplement-Geek blog seems to use science and rational thought to give unbiased and valuable information on many supplements.

In our blog we try to provide unbiased information about foot and ankle treatments.  For example, we provide a lot of information about false claims about the effectiveness of laser treatment for nail fungus.  Joe Cannon is providing the same type of information about false claims regarding supplements.  If you are currently taking supplements or considering taking them,  check out his blog.

Dr. Douglas S. Hale

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