We Can Provide You with the Best Treatment Options During a Video Visit with Our Doctors

Telemedicine appointments are an alternative to in-office visits, for conditions of the feet and ankles for new or returning patients.

Call 206-344-3808 to schedule your telehealth visit.

Telemedicine From the Comfort of Your Home

Our doctors are available to deliver comfortable, convenient care, wherever you are and we are now offering telehealth video visits with Dr. Hale and Dr. Huppin for both new and current patients.

Telemedicine Can Be Billed to Insurance

Telemedicine appointments are HIPPA-compliant and can be billed to insurance. Many insurance companies are now waiving co-pays for telemedicine appointments.

This service is available to anyone in the state of Washington or outside of the United States.

What Conditions Can We Treat Via Video Visits?

Telehealth visits are available for both new patients and returning patients.

We can diagnose and provide a comprehensive treatment plan for most musculoskelatal conditions including:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Top of foot pain
  • Ball of foot pain
  • Big toe joint pain
  • Heel pain
  • Ankle sprains
  • Other aches and pains of the feet and ankles
  • Running and other sport injuries
  • Fungal toenails
  • Toe pain

Other issues we can cover include:

  • Shoe recommendations
  • Best prefabricated orthotics for your particular foot or condition
  • When to consider custom orthotics and, for those outside of the Seattle area, how to find an expert practitioner in your area (we’ll even do the research to find you the best possible person)
  • Appropriate stretching and strengthening plans for specific conditions
  • Return to activity plans

Your telemedicine appointment will generally include a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription, if necessary.

If we determine that you would benefit from a specific item such as a particular arch support or brace, for example, we will send you links to the exact item that will provide the best relief for your problem. You can then purchase the items online.

The appointments generally take about 15 – 30 minutes.

If a procedure is recommended for your condition, or we feel you require hands-on treatment or x-rays we will assist you in scheduling an appointment at our clinic.

How Telehealth Video Visits Work

  • Schedule a telehealth appointment with your doctor by calling us 206 344-3808 or click on the blue schedule now button on the right side of every page (under Reason for Visit please state Telehealth ).
  • We will send you an email invitation for a video visit via Zoom.us
  • At the appointed time you will log-in using the link in the email you received.
  • You can use your phone, tablet or desktop
  • You will have a face-to-face consult with your doctor. And sometimes face-to-foot as we may ask you to show us your foot!

What Conditions Can We Not Treat Via Video Visits?

We obviously cannot do hands-on treatment (for example, of ingrown toenails), but regardless of your issue, we can provide you with the best available home treatment and schedule you an appointment in our clinic if necessary.

Telehealth Visit Prior to In-office Visit

If we determine during your video visit that we need to see you in the office we will set that up. Even if you do need to be seen, having the telehealth visit first will make your in-office visit shorter and more efficient.

Who is Eligible for Video and Telephone Consults?

We are licensed to practice in the state of Washington and any person in the state of Washington is eligible for telehealth with Dr. Huppin or Dr. Hale.

These visits are also available to anyone outside of the United States or it’s territories. State licensing laws prevent us from providing this service outside of Washington State in the US.

We recommend video visits if possible as we often will want you to show us your foot. Current patients can also opt for a telephone visit if the video visit is not convenient.

Does Insurance Cover Video and Telephone Visits?

Almost all insurances cover telehealth visits just as they cover in-person office visits. If we participate in your insurance, we will bill your insurance as we would any office visit.

What is the Cost if I Don’t Have Insurance?

Depending on the complexity and time spent, self-pay prices for a new patient visit will be between $68 and $265 and returning patient visits between $67 and $140. Details are available on our prices page.

Flatten the Curve with Virtual Visits

Our health care system is going to be overloaded during the Covid-19 crisis.

If you have a foot or ankle problem, please don’t go to emergency rooms, urgent care centers or your primary care doctor’s office. These facilities are over-loaded during this critical time.

Maintain as much social distancing as possible.

To schedule a webcam visit with Dr. Huppin or Dr. Hale, just call us at 206-344-3808.

Regardless of your condition we may do a screening video visit prior to an in-office visit.

By doing this screening we can improve the efficiency of the visit and decrease both the time spent in clinic and the number of staff interactions necessary.

All of this helps to maximize social distancing and flatten the curve

Get Started Now – Schedule Your Video Visit with Dr. Hale or Dr. Huppin

Call us at 206-344-3808 to schedule your webcam consultation

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