Foot & Ankle Center Prices for Treatment

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible clinical outcome at the least cost.

Pricing for medical care services can vary greatly, even for the same procedure or treatment. As high deductible plans become more common, it is more important than ever for you to be able to know what you might owe and to be able to comparison shop for your healthcare. 

We are happy to be the first local foot and ankle clinic, and one of the first clinics of any kind, to post our prices online

The chart below contains the prices billed to insurance and the self-pay / time-of-service discounted price for our most common visits, procedures and supplies.

If you do not have insurance or choose not to have your insurance billed, we offer a payment at time of service discount. The discount is approximately 15% – 20% on most items.

Discounts only apply if bill is paid at time of service and insurance is not being billed.

Credit Card on File is Required if Insurance is to be Billed

In order to keep our prices as low as possible we do not send out bills. Thus, if we are billing insurance for you, a credit card is required to be on file. Once your insurance pays their portion your credit card will be billed for the amount for which you are responsible. If you are paying your entire bill at the time of service than a credit card on file is not required.

No Facility Fee Charges

Many clinics, particularly those that are owned by hospitals, charge “facility fees”. Facility fees are a charge to use the treatment room and are in addition to your visit fee. These fees, which are common in Seattle, can cost hundreds of dollars. We never charge facility feesYou can read more about facility fees in this New York Times article.

No Surprises – Know Your Costs Before Getting Treatment

A new patient visit will cost between $109 and $265 depending on complexity and time spent. At that visit we will discuss any additional charges that you might incur on that visit or subsequent visits so that you know your cost of treatment before you need to make a decision.


Billing Code (CPT) Price Self-pay Discount

Physician Visits

Office Visit New Patient  (5 – 29 minutes) 99202 128.00 109.00
Office Visit New Patient   (30 – 44 minutes) 99203 175.00 150.00
Office Visit New Patient   (45 – 59 minutes) 99204 329.00 265.00
Office Visit Established Patient (10-19 minutes) 99212 79.00 67.00
Office Visit Established Patient (20 – 29 minutes) 99213 114.00 97.00
Office Visit Established Patient (30 – 39 minutes) 99214 165.00 140.00
Office Visit Established Patient (40 – 54 minutes) 99215 230.00 188.00

Office visit level of charge is determined based on either time or the complexity of the medical decision-making process. This chart shows the items involved in determining decision making.

A large majority of visits will be of a complexity requiring the codes above that end in “3” or “4”.  Very rarely is a condition so simple that we would use a “2” code.  There is also a 99215 code that is occasionally used for returning patients where our total visit time (see below) exceeds 39 minutes.  

Time includes not just face-to-face time during your appointment. Time also includes time spent completing chart notes, reviewing prior records, coordinating care such as ordering imaging or writing prescriptions.  

Orthotics – Custom

Custom Orthotics (Pair. Includes casting and dispensing) L3000 498.00 498.00
Custom Orthotics – Additional pair within 5 years using same cast L3000 498.00 398.00
Custom Orthotics surcharge for carbon fiber material   N/A 23.00
Add one-layer cover to uncovered pair of orthotics   N/A 38.00
Add two-layer cover to uncovered pair of orthotics   N/A 62.00
Remove old covers (pair)   N/A 14.00
Modification to orthotics (each) (metatarsal pads, cushions, etc)   N/A 8.00
Repair of orthotic device, Labor Component, per 30 minutes   N/A 17.00
Orthotic Rush Fee – Return in 8 business days   N/A 25.00
Orthotic Rush Fee – Return in 6 business days   N/A 50.00
Orthotic Rush Fee – Return in 5 business days   N/A 75.00
Heel lifts (one)   N/A 8.00

Orthotics – Prefabricated

Pre-fab non-covered, non-posted (pair) N/A N/A 42.00
Pre-fab covered, non-posted (pair) N/A N/A 64.00
Pre-fab non-covered, posted (pair) N/A N/A 62.00
Pre-fab covered, posted (pair) N/A N/A 84.00
Children’s non-covered OTC device N/A N/A 65.00
Modification to OTC orthotics (each) (metatarsal pads, cushions, etc) N/A N/A 8.00

Toenail and Wart Treatment

Ingrown Toenail Treatment (Partial or total nail avulsion) 11730 175.00 140.00
Ingrown Toenail Treatment (Partial or total nail avulsion) per additional toe 11732 83.00 71.00
Permanent Ingrown Toenail Treatment (Partial or total matrixectomy)    1st  toe 11750 462.00 320.00
Permanent Ingrown Toenail Treatment (Partial or total) Additional toe 11750-51 462.00 160.00
Debridement of thick nails (1 – 5 toes) 11720 78.00 65.00
Debridement of thick nails (6 – 10 toes) 11721 101.00 85.00
Destruction of Wart 17110 140.00 112.00
Laser Treatment of Fungal Nails (Includes 3 treatments of all 10 nails) N/A N/A 590.00
Non Covered nail and callus trimming (normal thickness) A9270 N/A 95.00

Injections and Shockwave

Injection – Plantar fasciitis / tendon sheath / ligament 20550 136.00 109.00
Injection – Morton’s neuroma 64455 128.00 102.00
Aspiration / Injection of ganglion 20612 136.50 116.00
Ultrasound Guidance for injection 76942 195.00 152.00
Injection – – intermediate joint / bursa 20605 151.00 88.00
Injection – Small joint / bursa 20600 121.00 81.00
EPAT Shockwave Therapy – 3 sessions N/A N/A 450.00
EPAT Shockwave – Additional sessions after first three (each)  N/A  N/A 150.00

X-rays / Ultrasound

Ankle 2 views 73600 98.00 41.00
Ankle 3 views 73610 118.00 49.00
Foot 2 views 73620 98.00 41.00
Foot 3 views 73630 118.00 49.00
Ultrasound Examination 76882 85.00 68.00
Ultrasound Guidance for Injection 76942 303.00 175.00

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Heel Lifts (one) L3332 N/A 8.00
Rocktape N/A N/A 21.00
Walking Boot L4386 190.00 65.00
Ankle Brace L1906 60.00 42.00
Pneumatic Boot L4360 300.00 150.00
Amerigel post –op wound care kit N/A N/A 35.00
PTTD Ankle Brace L1902 88.00 56.00


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