If you have a painful bunion that isn’t responding to treatment with your current doctor or if surgery has been recommended to you, make an appointment to see our doctors at the Seattle Bunion Clinic for a second opinion. For the best outcomes, see us for a second opinion prior to proceeding with bunion surgery or receiving orthotics for bunions.

We are the bunion specialists for the Seattle area and we can usually provide treatment that eliminates bunion pain without resorting to surgery. And although we always consider surgery a last resort, if surgery is necessary we have on staff the region’s top bunion surgeon who will provide you with all of the options for your particular type of bunion. There are many ways to perform bunion surgery and only some of them are appropriate for each patient. Learn more about bunion surgery here.

After a complete history and evaluation we will provide you with all of the available options for treatment of your bunion, both non-surgical and surgical. Our opinions are based on the very latest research on bunions and bunion surgery and our own experience over the past 20 years.

Your Bunion Second Opinion will Include:

  • Complete history and examination
  • Evaluation of your biomechanics
  • Evaluation of gait if necessary
  • In-depth evaluation of any orthotics or arch supports you have used (sometimes bunion pain doesn’t get better because you have the wrong orthotics for bunions).
  • Shoe evaluation
  • Detailed and easy to understand explanation of our findings and treatment options
  • Recommendations on a specific treatment plan to eliminate your bunion problems. Includes recommendations on the best orthotics to treat your bunions and the most effective surgical options for your bunions. We will also discuss how to prevent your bunions from returning should you have surgery.

Please Bring the Following to Your Bunion Second Opinion Appointment:

  • Foot x-rays
  • Other imaging of your feet including CT scans, MRIs, etc. Also bring the written report from the radiologist if available.
  • Chart notes from other doctors who have treated your bunions. A records request form can be downloaded here. Complete it and fax to your other physician(s).
  • Any foot orthotics or arch supports you wear now or have worn in the past
  • A selection of your shoes for evaluation
  • It is helpful to have a written narrative in your own words explaining your foot problems and their treatment thus far. This is not necessary but can be very helpful.

Second opinions are always an excellent idea to assist you in receiving the best medical care possible. Before deciding on a course of treatment, especially bunion surgery, you want to ensure you have all the information necessary to make the best possible decision. Even if we agree 100% with your current bunion treatment plan and/or surgical suggestions, we can almost always give you some additional insight to help you reduce your pain, prevent the need for surgery, make surgery easier or prevent return of your bunion following surgery. Contact us today for an appointment at the Seattle Bunion Clinic.

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