Review of the Best Men’s Slippers to Prevent Foot Pain

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We often instruct our patients to always wear a shoe with good arch support in order to help their feet heal and to avoid foot pain. It’s not always convenient to wear shoes in the house, however. A slipper with excellent arch support is often the best choice for wearing in the house. The links below are affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase one.

There are not, however, many slippers made that have any arch support, let alone excellent arch support.

#1: Vionic Barrow Men’s Faux Shearling-lined Slipper

Vionic Barrow

The only brand of slipper we have found that has adequate arch support for most people with foot pain is made by Vionic. The Men’s Vionic with Orthaheel Technology slippers are the most supportive indoor/outdoor slipper we have found by far. We recommend them regularly to our patients who have foot problems and require support even when walking around the house. This includes people with heel painball of foot paintop of foot pain and big toe joint pain. This slipper is often a good in-house adjunct to our patients’ custom orthotics.

Vionic has several models of men’s slippers, but all of them have the same excellent arch support. The one that many of our patients seem to like the most is the Vionic Barrow Mens Faux shearling-lined slipper. It has the same built-in orthotic as all of the Vionic slippers but in addition has a shearling-like interior for warmth. 

#2: Vionic Maxwell Canvas Slipper

slipper vionic mens taunton

Vionic Maxwell

The Vionic Maxwell Canvas Slipper has the same arch support as the Barrow, but with a closed heel. It also does not have the same extra warm lining and is a better choice in warmer weather.

#3: Vionic Men’s Glenn Slipper

mens slipper glenn

Vionic Glenn

Our third choice is yet another Vionic slipper since no other brand has come close in providing a quality slipper with great arch support.  This is the Vionic Men’s Glenn Slipper. You would do well with any of the Vionic slippers since they all have the same great arch support.

You can see all of the Vionic men’s slippers here.

#4: Spenco Supreme Slider Slipper

spenco slipper

Spenco Supreme

We did look at a number of other brands besides Vionic when reviewing slippers. Most have no arch support at all. This one from Spenco, however, the Spenco Supreme Slider, has fairly good support. It is not as supportive as the Vionic and would be a good choice for someone who is not experiencing any foot pain and does not require significant support.

Podiatrist Recommended Orthotic Slippers – what we like about Vionic

As you can tell, our favorite brand of slippers is Vionic. Here is what we like about them and why we recommend them to so many of our patients:

  • EVA midsole has a very well designed built-in arch support.
  • Wider than most other slippers so that arch support spreads weight over a larger surface area. This allows for better support that is still extremely comfortable for most people.
  • Uppers are comfortable, tough and easy to clean.
  • Rubber outsole, with wave pattern tread. This provides stability and helps prevent slipping.
  • We tried them out – very comfortable. Also, our patients so far seem to love them.

This slipper is sure to be an all-around cozy favorite. Indoor/outdoor slip-on style. Best arch support we have found in a slipper.

See all of the Vionic slippers here.

Dr. Hale and Dr. Huppin are experts at helping people walk comfortably. If you are having any foot or ankle trouble at all when walking make an appointment to see us in our convenient Seattle office. Be sure to bring your shoes with you.


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