Step by step instructions for protecting your feet so that you can reach your weight loss goals

If you are trying to lose weight, foot pain can stop you from reaching your goals. The sad fact is that extra weight causes enormous stress on your feet. So when you start an exercise program to lose weight, the extra weight you are carrying can damage your feet.

Here is how to best protect your feet if you are carrying extra pounds:

  1. orthofeet shoe weight loss foot pain products Wear a stable shoe. Download our shoe list and take it to your local shoe store. If you would rather purchase your shoes online, we recommend Orthofeet walking shoes for their stability and ability to fit many feet. Women’s Orthofeet and Men’s Orthofeet
  2. FootChair Adjustable Arch Orthotic

    Use a very stable arch support in your shoes. A good arch support will spread pressure over the entire bottom of your foot to prevent pain in localized areas such as the heel and ball of the foot. They will also decrease stress on the ligaments and tendons of your feet. The most stable we have found is the FootChair Orthotic with adjustable arch. The arch can be adjusted for maximum support and comfort via pads that can be inserted under the cover.

  3. flip flops weight loss foot pain productsDon’t go barefoot – even in the house. Many of our patients use these Arch Support Flip Flops around the house
  4. pro stretch weight loss foot pain productsGently stretch your Achilles tendon after exercise. The ProStretch will allow easy stretching. Do three 30 second reps per day.

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