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When your patients present with foot or ankle problems . . . we make it so it is no problem at all

At Foot & Ankle Center of Washington, we offer leading-edge care for every disorder that affects the feet and ankles. Our podiatrists- Douglas S. Hale, DPM, and Lawrence Z. Huppin, DPM- are experienced, highly trained and well-known in the medical community for providing conservative but effective solutions and excellent outcomes. Once we’ve exhausted all options for treating your problem “biomechanically,” we provide the same level of capability and experience with surgical solutions. At the same time, there are other ways to make it so your foot and ankle referral cases are no problem. Such as providing clear, concise and frequent reports to help you coordinate their care. Collaborating with you when it’s essential to do so and responding to your needs quickly. Treating your patients with the same sense of priority and personal caring they get from you.

Add highly capable foot-and-ankle care to the scope of your practice.

Expanding your care through collaboration & responsiveness

  • Emergent referrals seen within one day
  • Complete, accurate diagnoses you can rely on
  • Appropriate & effective treatments
  • Detailed progress reports & updates
  • Thorough patient education
  • We seek your consultation & respond to your inquiries quickly
  • Your patients education
  • Contact us anytime for questions concerning your patients

Focused care for pediatric & adolescent foot & ankle disorders

  • Congenital problems & playground & sports injuries
  • Non-surgical biomechanical options considered first
  • Focused on preserving optimal normal development

Helping you put your athlete patients back in the game

  • Serious athletes, amateur players & weekend warriors
  • Specialized protocols & procedures
  • Sport-specific programs
  • Rehabilitation of injury, injury prevention & performance enhancement

Advanced biomechanics & orthotic therapies for quick, complete recovery

  • Among the most informed, well-trained & advanced in biomechanics & orthotics in the nation
  • Treating a long list of problems without surgery…often with faster, easier & more effective results
  • Less pain, stress & red tape for patients & doctors
  • Sophisticated gait analysis
  • Precision-customized orthotics by experienced pros
  • Reproducible orthotics using the nation’s top lab

The surgical skill you can count on

  • Credentialed, experienced foot-and-ankle surgeon
  • State-of-the-art surgical solutions…after nonsurgical solutions have been exhausted
  • The confidence & competence to handle even the most challenging cases

Let us help you provide your patients with the advanced foot-and-ankle care hundreds of area physicians trust. Your inquiries & referrals are always welcome. Call us at (206) 344-3808 today.

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