Ordering Extra Pairs of Orthotics

Having a good quality pair of orthotics – specifically total contact orthotics – can go a long way to reducing the pain of many foot conditions and is part of many of the conservative treatment plans we recommend for foot issues. One pair of orthotics is great, but in some instances, you may need an extra pair of orthotics on hand.

Some of the common reasons patients request additional pairs of orthotics include:

  • They want specialized orthotics to fit into dress shoes
  • They want orthotics for specialty sport shoes (for cleats, skates, ski/hiking boots, etc)
  • They want orthotics for sandals to enjoy warm weather shoes without pain

2 simple steps to get additional pairs of custom orthotics

  • Step One – Wear your custom orthotics

Once you and your podiatrist have confirmed that your prescription custom orthotics are comfortable and working correctly, you can order additional orthotics for other shoe types. Additional pairs of orthotics cost considerably less than the first pair and may be covered by your insurance.

You can order additional orthotics by contacting our office or completing the form below. Depending on your foot condition and the shoe you want the extra orthotics for, we may need to see you (and/or your shoes). Otherwise, you can order them on the portal, by using the form below or over the phone. Your doctor will write a prescription for orthotics made to fit your regular shoes, dress shoes or specialty shoes that offer the most possible control for their size.

We can make additional orthotics from your original foot scan or cast

Additional orthotics can usually be made from your original molds so there’s not need to re-cast if it has been less than 5 years since your last casting. In most cases, your original mold is stored digitally. Occasionally, a re-casting may be necessary. We will contact you before we order your orthotics to confirm the type of orthotic you want and review the cost. A credit card on file is required before we order. Please contact your insurance carrier to confirm coverage for orthotics.

To order additional orthotics, email us through the patient portal, complete the form below or call our call our office at (206) 344-3808.

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