In our Seattle foot and ankle clinic we see bone spurs on an almost daily basis.  Bone spurs are simply enlargements of bone – usually due to too much pressure or too much tension somewhere on the foot.  Usually, bone spurs do not require surgery – in fact, surgery should be your last resort for treatment.

We can treat most bone spurs on the feet simply by reducing the pressure or tension on them.  We often will use a custom orthotic to reduce these forces. This is common in bone spurs of the heel caused by plantar fasciitis.   If a bone spur is on top of the foot, sometimes something as simple as a change in the way you lace your shoe will eliminate pain.  If a bone spur is between the toes, then we often recommend a toe separator pad.

Don’t live with pain from bone spurs on your feet or toes.   Call our Seattle office for an appointment or use this link to find some home treatment hints for bone spur.

Dr. Douglas S. Hale

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