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Arthritis and Feet

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Could I have arthritis in my feet?
Absolutely! Arthritis – which is either damage to or inflammation of a joint - can affect any joint in your body. Your feet are especially prone to develop arthritis because each foot has 33 joints and they take a tremendous amount of pressure every day. Your symptoms may include aching or generalized pain in one joint or an entire area of your foot.

Treatment of Foot Arthritis
An arthritic joint or joints will benefit from an evaluation by Dr. Huppin or Dr. Hale. It is important to verify the amount of damage, if any, to the joint. Just like any joint in your body that has arthritis, it benefits from protection. The unique problem with foot arthritis is the fact that we have to keep walking on it. Our job is to help them work with less stress and less pain. Don’t live with foot pain, make an appointment today to see us in our Seattle Foot and Ankle Clinic.

Orthotics Protect Arthritic Joints in the Feet
We often prescribe custom foot orthotics for our patients with arthritis. The job of foot orthotics in this situation is to limit motion of damaged joints. By limiting the motion we usually reduce pain. To best limit motion in the mid-portion of the foot we prescribe orthotics that conforms very tightly to the arch of the foot. These are called “total contact foot orthotics”.

Shoes for Foot Arthritis
Generally, shoes which are deeper and a little stiffer protect the joints from too much motion. We work with all of our patients to help them find shoes that not only help their feet but also fit their lifestyle. In addition we can prescribe shoe modifications that protect arthritic joints.

Special Circumstances
A severe arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, may need special accommodation and protection. It is suggested that you work with a team of specialists, including a rheumatologist, podiatrist and physical therapist, to assure that a long term care plan is established. You may need to consider special shoes, or even custom made shoes to make room for the bone changes that have occurred. Often, the most pain deformity occurs in the ball of the foot. Special orthotics are available which provide cushioning and shock absorption.

Common Types of Arthritis that Affect the Feet

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Don’t live with pain in your feet.  If you have are experiencing symptoms call today for an evaluation in our convenient Seattle office.

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