Shoes can be modified in various ways to treat foot problems, increase comfort, improve fit and make them easier to wear.  If we find that you would benefit from shoe modifications, we will explain the suggested modification to you and then write a prescription.  You will take your shoes to a pedorthist to have the prescription filled.

Some shoe modifications that we commonly prescribe include:

  • Stretching to decrease pressure on various parts of the feet
  • Lifts to compensate for a short leg
  • Rocker soles to decrease pain under the ball of the foot
  • Replace laces with Velcro closures to make it easier to close the shoe
  • Buttresses and flares to increase shoe stability
  • Modifications to make it easier to place ankle-foot orthoses in shoes

If you are coming in for an appointment, be sure to bring shoes that you commonly wear.  To make an appointment in our convenient Seattle office, call today.

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