A subungual hematoma, or tennis toe, occurs when blood accumulates under the nail. The nail will often look black.


subungual hematoma black toenailA subungual hematoma should be drained to relieve pain and allow for a faster recovery. We can drain the hematoma quickly and painlessly. If your toe is tender we’ll numb it before proceeding. Relief is almost instantaneous.

If you have a black toenail, call today to make an appointment to see us in our Seattle clinic.


Tennis toe is caused by too much pressure on the toe – usually due to improper shoes. This may be because the shoe is too tight, putting pressure on the toe; or too loose, letting your foot slide forward. Be sure to bring your shoes to your appointment so that we can evaluate them and give you suggestions on proper shoes.

Healthy feet allow for regular exercise and a happy healthy feet. If you have pain due to blood under your nail, make an appointment to see us in our Seattle office. We can provide you with treatment options that will relieve your pain.


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