• Try shoes on at the end of the day
  • Try the shoes on with the thickest socks you might wear with those shoes.
  • Measurements should be taken while you are standing
  • Have both feet measured. Most people have one larger foot. Fit to the large one
  • The longest toe should be a finger’s breadth from the end of the toe box
  • The counter around the heel should be reasonably snug
  • The forefoot should not be crowded
  • Foot should not budge over the sole
  • Don’t worry about the stated “size” of the shoe. Worry about the “fit.” It doesn’t matter that you wore a size 5 when you were 22 and the clerk is telling you to try a size 9. Only Cinderella always wears the same size shoe. Your foot size will change as you grow older. Also, sizes vary between brands.
  • Don’t buy a shoe if it feels too tight. It will NOT stretch to fit your foot.

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