This page contains links to several products that can help treat hard bumps on the top of the foot, often causes by bone spurs. For more information on causes and treatment of bumps on the top of the foot, please visit the bone spurs page.

(Please note: this page contains affiliate links to items we recommend for our patients)

  • Reduce pressure on top of the foot by wearing deeper shoes. There are several brands of shoes that are deeper than average but are still attractive. Here are our favorite “extra-depth” shoes:
    • Aetrex shoes are great looking shoes (both athletic and dress shoes) and they actually have some really attractive dress shoes. What is special about them is that they are just made deeper than average. This really helps at reducing pressure on bumps on top of the feet by allowing more room for the bumps.
      extra depth shoes for bumps on top of the foot

      Aetrex men”s

      There are other extra-depth shoes on the market that can also help but we like Aetrex because they provide that extra depth without looking like Grandma’s orthopedic shoes. You can see a selection of deep Aetrex women’s shoes here and Aetrex men’s shoes here.

    • PW Minor: PW Minor is a very old shoe brand with a great selection of very deep walking and work shoes. If you have a very large bump on the top of your foot then PW Minor shoes are the shoes for you as they provide the most room. You can see PW Minor women’s shoes here and PW Minor men’s shoes here.
    elastic shoe laces

    Elastic laces

  • Change the shoe lacing technique so that the laces skip over the area of the bump.  You can also use elastic shoe laces so the shoe will give a bit over the bump.
  • Use orthotics to stop the two bones from jamming together. Good arch supports will stop the foot from collapsing. When you stop the foot from collapsing you reduce pressure between the bones on top of the foot (the ones that make up the bump). This not only reduces pain, but can help prevent the bump from getting bigger.
    • The most effective  way to do this is to use specialized custom orthotics that keep those bones apart. These are called “total contact orthotics”. Although the custom orthotics that grab the arch very tight do the best job you can also decrease the force between these bones (and the pain) by using good over-the-counter arch supports.
    • The best OTC arch supports for this problem will conform as close as possible to the arch of the foot but be thin enough not to take up much room inside the shoe. The best arch supports we have found for reducing pain from metatarso-cuneiform bone spurs is the FootChair Orthotic with Adjustable Arch Height. It is not only very supportive but allows pads to be added under the cover to adjust the arch height. This allows you to have the most possible arch to limit joint motion but not so much it pushes your foot into the top of the shoe.  We have used this orthotic in our office for several years and it recently became available retail.
  • Use pads to reduce pressure on the bump. We recommend using a gel U-shaped pad to take pressure off of the bump. This U-shaped pad u shaped padworks well and lasts a long time. The picture shows the pad on the bottom of the foot but it works great on top of the foot also. It will stick to your foot and relieve pressure on the bump all day long. These gel pads are reusable.

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