All parents know that children take to sports like ducks to water. Almost as soon as they start to walk, they’re chasing balls, swinging sticks, and running races against nobody in particular.

Children’s sports used to mean baseball, basketball, or football. That’s changed. Soccer has leapt onto the youth sports scene, as have wrestling, tennis, and lacrosse with older children. The starting age for training in individual sports such as swimming, skating, track, and gymnastics grows younger every year.

Parents should encourage their children to participate in sports, but never forget that competition should be fun. Too much emphasis on winning can alienate a child from athletic competition.

Children active in sports programs will improve their cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, coordination, and state of mind. Participation in sports develops a sense of self discipline, teamwork, and recognition of the importance of a healthy body — good habits that last a lifetime.

We have prepared a brochure titled “Athletic Foot Injuries in Children and Adolescents which contains detailed information on children’s athletic injuries, particularly focusing on the feet and ankles. The brochure covers:

  • Training to prevent injury
  • Shoes
  • Common sports injuries
  • Treatment
  • Prevention

Don’t let your child live with foot, ankle or leg pain. Most problems can be treated with conservative and pain-free treatment. Call today for an evaluation in our convenient Seattle office.