If you have are having ankle pain or any ankle condition contact us for an appointment in our Seattle clinic as soon as possible.   Your ankle is a complex joint and with every step it has to absorb several times your body weight – making it prone to chronic overuse problems.

In addition, the ankle is the most commonly injured joint of the lower extremity.  The most common injury is a sprain of the ankle, but it is also prone to fractures, tendonitis, nerve problems and other injuries.  Dr. Huppin and Dr. Hale treat all injuries and problems affecting the ankle.

Is your ankle just not getting better?

A common complaint we hear when patients first present to us with ankle problems is that “it just isn’t getting better”.   You are not alone.  Chronic pain in the ankle, either following an injury or just starting to hurt “for no reason”, is very common due to the significant forces that are applied to the ankle with every step you take.   In fact, there have been a number of studies on this issue over the past 10 years and Dr. Huppin and Dr. Hale follow the research very closely.  This allows them to treat you in the most effective method possible by following “evidence-based medicine”.

Surgery is almost never necessary for ankle conditions

We believe in treating your ankle condition in not only the most effective fashion but also the most conservative.   Surgery is always our last resort for treatment except in the case of certain fractures that require surgical correction to ensure the best outcome.   We will always provide you with all of your options.

Get treatment for ankle conditions now to prevent problems later

Early treatment of ankle sprains and other injuries has been shown to prevent long-term problems including arthritis of the ankle.   If you are having ankle pain, swelling or instability; contact us today for an appointment.

Learn about your ankle condition

Use the links on the sidebar to learn about many of the ankle conditions we treat regularly – you can even learn self-treatment hints for many ankle problems.

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