Tailor's Bunion

Tailor's Bunion

We received an email this morning from a woman in San Francisco who is suffering with a tailor’s bunion.  She wanted to know what she could do to best treat the problem herself.

A tailor’s bunion or bunionette is a enlargement of of the joint behind the little toe.   We have a page on our website that reviews the best methods to treat tailors bunions.  I want to focus here on what you can do at home to relieve the pain of tailor’s bunions.   So, here are step by step recommendations on how to best self treatment hints to relieve the pain of a tailor’s bunion:

Home Treatment Hints for Tailor’s Bunions



  • Use a sock that decreases friction such as the Juzo


  • Gentle massage with a topical pain reliever can help to provide comfort. By combining the pain relieving properties of Tripod Labs Flexstat Topical Pain Reliever with gentle massage, pain, swelling, and inflammation can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Use an arch support in your shoes. This will act to transfer force off of the area of the bunion. OTC arch supports
    PowerStep Medical Grade Orthotic

    PowerStep Medical Grade Orthotic

    will not work as well as a quality custom orthotic, but will help. One that works quite well for Tailor’s bunion problems is the Powerstep Medical Grade Orthotic.

  • Instead of slippers, use a sandal with an arch support to wear around the house. This will act to decrease pressure on your big toe joint. We recommend the Wave Flip-flop Sandal – available here.
    Arch Support Flip Flops

    Flip Flops to help bunion pain


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