A Unique Alternative to Crutches!

If you have to be off your foot knee scooters are a great way to get around after surgery. Knee scooters allow you to maneuver around but still have the ability to use your hands while standing or walking. If you work in a small area would suggest a scooter with swivel wheels. If you have to go a long way in a straight line would suggest wheels that do not swivel.

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If you wish to rent a scooter see the list of suppliers in the area

  1. Access Medical Equipment, 7612 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA
    206 365-7700
  2. A Leg Up, 13000 Linden Ave N, Suite 102, Seattle, WA
    206 362-0248
  3. EKS, Puget Sound Area

    1 877 256-3387
  4. East Side Leg Up (Eastside, Edmonds, Seattle)

  5. Innovations in Mobility
    Free insurance billing and free round trip shipping via UPS
    (800) 889-0311
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