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Best Shoes with Rocker Bottom Soles

Podiatrist Recommended Rocker Shoes

Shoes with a rocker sole can relieve several types of foot pain including ball-of-foot pain, heel pain, foot arthritis and big toe joint pain. You can learn about the types of rockers and how they work here.

Not long ago the only way to get a rocker shoe was to have one added by at a shoe repair shop. Recently a number of shoes have come on the market that are built with a rocker. On this page we offer reviews of some of the shoes on the market with rocker soles. For our patients, we can also write a prescription to have rocker soles added to your shoes. Click here to learn about having Rocker Bottom soles added to your shoes.

Sketchers Shape-ups

Mid-foot rocker shoe. Mid-foot rocker shoes can reduce or eliminate pain under the ball of the foot, heel pain and in the mid-foot. They also work great for arthritis of the midfoot. Sketchers are our favorite of the mid-foot rocker shoes as they offer a good rocker at a fair price.

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Mid-foot rocker shoe. Don’t believe the claims that you will gain muscle tone by wearing these shoes - that is just advertising. They do, however, have a good rocker sole and that is often helpful for people with pain under the ball of the foot, pain in the heel or pain in the mid-portion of the foot. Similar to, but more expensive than the Sketcher Shape-ups.

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Fore-foot rocker shoe. Forefoot rocker shoes work great at relieving pain under the ball of the foot and in the big toe joint. Our recommended forefoot rocker shoe is Dansko.

See All Women’s Danskos here - Buy Now

See All Men’s Danskos here - Buy Now


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