Our goal for treatment of tailor’s bunion is to reduce pressure on the bunionette, both on the bottom and on the side. Here is our 10 step plan to relieve your bunion pain. Try this plan for 3 weeks. If you don’t have relief of your tailor’s bunion pain in that time, see a podiatrist.

10-Step Tailor’s Bunion Pain Relief Plan

  1. home remedies decreasing tailor’s bunion pain powerstepUse an arch support in your shoes. ‘Your goal is to transfer pressure off of the Tailor’s bunion. The best arch support we have found to transfer pressure off of a Tailor’s bunion is the Powerstep Medical Grade Orthotic, It has a firm arch that is far superior to most other OTC supports. Only a custom orthotic is likely to work better.

  2. home remedies decreasing tailor’s bunion pain Orthaheel Arch Support Flip-FlopsWhen wearing sandals or slippers use one with exceptional arch support. This will act to decrease pressure on your bunionette. We recommend the Orthaheel Arch Support Sandals for its superior arch support. Available as flip-flops, sandals and slippers.

  3. home remedies decreasing tailor’s bunion pain Gel Toe SpreadersUse Silipos toe separator between toes 4 and 5. This will help to decrease pressure between the toes.

  4.  home remedies decreasing tailor’s bunion pain Juzo Silver Sole SockWearing the correct socks can help reduce rubbing on the Tailor’s bunion. Socks help in two ways. First they can reduce friction on the bunion and also by providing cushion. Cotton is a poor choice for Tailor’s bunions because of high friction. Our favorite sock for bunionettes is Juzo Silver Sole Sock because it very low friction, no seam over the bunion and cushions the bunion from shoe pressure. Available in white and black.

  5.  home remedies decreasing tailor’s bunion pain Silipos Gel Bunion PadUse a pad over the tailor’s bunion deformity. The pads we have found our patients like the best is the Silipos Gel Bunion pad. This is designed for bunions, but can be trimmed slightly and used for Tailor’s bunions.

  6. Ice the painful bunionette for 10 minutes each evening.

  7.  home remedies decreasing tailor’s bunion pain Orthogel Cold Therapy Relief GelUse a topical pain reliever such as Orthogel Cold Therapy Relief Gel during the day.

  8. home remedies decreasing tailor’s bunion pain  Orthaheel Walker ShoeFind a shoe store with well trained shoe fitters to fit your shoes. Our Shoe List has a list of those in the Seattle area. A good shoe fitter will not help you find the best shoes for your feet and also can modify the shoe to fit better over the Tailor’s bunion. If you don’t have a good shoe store nearby, these Orthofeet Shoes for Women and Orthofeet Shoes for Men work great for Tailor’s bunions as they have extra room in the toe box and are easy to stretch. Both casual and athletic shoes are available.

  9.  home remedies decreasing tailor’s bunion pain  Ball Ring Shoe StretcherStretch your shoes over the bunion deformity. You can stretch them yourself with a ball and ring shoe stretcher.

  10. home remedies decreasing tailor’s bunion pain  Stretchable ShoeFor very large tailor’s bunions use a stretchable shoe: These Women’s Stretchable Shoes and Men’s Stretchable Shoes have a unique design of leather and spandex, which is both elastic and breathable. It stretches to conform to the contours of the foot, accommodating foot deformities, and eliminating pressure on Tailor’s bunions and other prominences. Provides exceptional comfort for feet with bunions, tailor’s bunions, hammertoes and bony prominences. For Women     For Men

Don’t let your tailor’s bunions get worse. Early treatment can prevent future problems. Call today for an appointment in our Seattle office.

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