baby powder, the secret cure to squeaky orthoticsSqueaky orthotics? Here is an easy fix. Remove the orthotics, put talcum powder in your shoes, and then replace the orthotics. The talcum acts as a lubricant between the shoe and the orthotic and almost always eliminates the squeak.

Still Have Squeaky Orthotics?

If you still have squeaky orthotics, put more talcum powder in. For more hints, watch the video below. If it’s still a problem, give us a call. Also, remember that your orthotics should be examined at regular intervals.

If your orthotics haven’t been checked in the last year or so it’s time for us to check them for signs of excessive wear.

We’ll make sure they fit correctly and advise you if you need to have them modified, repaired or replaced. We’ll discuss with you any problems or changes you may be experiencing.

For an orthotic evaluation, make an appointment to see us in our Seattle office.